AirBnB Availability Calender/Minimum Stays & Difference in View between App & Website

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AirBnB Availability Calender/Minimum Stays & Difference in View between App & Website



I have recently listed my property on AirBnB and am about to throw myself into the sea because of its apparent inflexibility..if anybody knows the answers to the following questions I would be eternally grateful..(and the sea is quite cold at this time of year..)


1. My manager has set 'minimum availability' to 7 days for July & August. (It's 2 days the rest of the year.) On the web version of the site this 'greys out' all availability apart from Saturdays. I think this makes it look like it is almost fully booked.


However, on the Android App version of AirBnB all days for July/August are shown in Black (i.e available) and the minimum available (i.e 7 nights) is only shown when you select a date..


The App version is obviously preferable..does anybody know why the website version & App is different?


Can you make the website version appear like the App without changing availability to just 2 nights? IE, can you have all days shown in BLACK on the website version even with a 7 day minimum stay?


2. Assuming that the answer to question 1 is NO, ie you can't set a minimum of 7 nights for the website version and have all dates shown as black on the website version, is there a way to have a subsidiary rule to allow less than 7 days to be booked if someone books, say 12 nights in July/August?


In other words, at the moment, if you set a 7 day minimum then you might have say 5 nights left in a week in July or August that cannot be booked?


3. At the moment, the App version allows to book on any day of the week whereas the website version only allows you to book on Saturdays. Why does this discrepancy occur?


Many thanks

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I am not sure as I don't use these settings, but probably easier if your manager speaks to Airbnb to resolve. Perhaps there is a technical issue.


It is difficult to comment as for some reason your listing is not showing on your profile (I do hope you haven't agreed to have your listing on your co-hosts profile).


There are certainly quirks around how Airbnb works online as opposed to the App.