Calendar note missing from the calendar view

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Calendar note missing from the calendar view

The calendar has now a dark theme and additional information. Which is good, however, now I cannot see my personal calendar notes against the booking!

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The new calendar is horrible. I can't seriously understand how the developers thought that this was going to be an upgrade. I need to see the notes without having to click on the dot!!! Ugh.. so annoying. And I can't even add notes from my phone???!!!??? It's unusable.

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Why is no one doing anything about this issue? We are all asking to bring the old calendar back with the options of showing your notes in a months view and taking out the daily price. Please do something about it. It is essential in running our listings in the most efficient way possible. 

Hi Hermien, have you had a reply from anyone in Airbnb about this? 

If not, has it been escalated?
I agree with you, its really frustrating not being able to write notes on my calendar anymore .
I don’t have a computer. Everything is on my mobile phone, and removing notes has made my bookings so much more work having to go into another calendar on my phone to put a note in about a guest booking. I’m able to see and edit the notes I made before this function was removed, so I can’t understand why this valuable function hasn’t been reinstated? 

Hi @Kartik23 , @Virginia301 , @Merridee0 , @Hermien8 , @Janette-and-Herb0@Bhumika , @Paula , @Breanna , @Mike-And-Jane0 


Calendar Notes Still Visible on Reservation Details

Since the 2023 Summer Release, Calendar Notes are no longer visible/accessible after a date has past on the actual calendar. However, I discovered (by accident) if there was an Airbnb reservation that had a note applied, the notes are still visible on the reservation details as its retained with the reservation information. Scroll to the bottom of reservation details/Calendar Note.  If there is a reservation from another synced booking site with a note, it doesn't appear, since it is not attached to an Airbnb reservation.  


Calendar Note on Reservation.png


This doesn't help those who need the at-a-glance view for notes, but can help if we need to go back and find a specific note on a date that has passed. Might help some Hosts who need to go back and review previous notes that they can't view on the calendar any more.

Yes, I have discovered that @Joan2709! Do you know if the Airbnb Team are going to reinstate this incredibly valuable feature? Since they removed it I’m having to write my notes in my Google calendar and toggle between the two…it’s so time consuming and frustrating 😔



I agree it is a much needed feature for Hosts and not sure why it was removed? To date, I have not seen any information about if Airbnb will be adding this feature back to the calendar. 

Thanks for your reply @Joan2709. It’s disappointing to say the least. 

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Hi @Joan2709 


Thanks for tagging. I've passed the feedback along to the team and always appreciate you all sharing this with us and explaining so well!



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Airbnb has really messed this up. Seeing an empty calendar is not an upgrade. I need to see at a glance when cleaning staff is coming, when I've given house to friends and when I am using house myself. Now nothing shows up except for nightly rate and bookings. Who would have made this change? Makes no sense and is an easy fix.

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This is really a killer of a change. I been on many workshop meetings with Airbnb since July and been pushing to bring the at-a-glance feature back that for some strange reason it was taken out.


There is also the added feature of allowing color to be added to a range of dates (or even script), as this visual feature would convey so much information especially for many hosts. In our case there are 8 different hosting combinations that with the ability to add color, it would communicate (at-a-glance) much information. I.e. the source of the booking (if Direct or VRBO by example), also usable by support personnel (cook, fishing guide, driver,  etc), checking time (regular or latish), etc etc.


It is basic stuff that in all walks of life visual organization is the most powerful; i.e. who wants to gather information from a book that forces one to 'cross-reference' a relevant chart for example many pages away.


Airbnb will do better to always listen- comprehend-and believe (the 3 imperative steps to learning) those from the 'outside' world.