Compare similar listings not available and math incorrect

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Warrnambool, Australia

Compare similar listings not available and math incorrect

I have found compare similar listings is not only not available if you have a PMS added but it is not available if you don't charge guests a service/ booking fee as in setting the following in your listing

Include all Airbnb service fees in your price
So if you are forced or choose not to charge guests a service fee as recommended by Airbnb you won't have this feature. 
I have sent feedback through the app as feedback and also contacted support multiple times who seem to have difficulty understanding this. At best you get someone will look into this but you are told you won't get an answer, just keep checking. They are penalising those who set the recommended option to absorb the booking fee. 
This issue clearly is still not being addressed months later. Support blames having a PMS even when you don't have one but even if you had a PMS those hosts would use the feature more. 
Second is the compare when you select 
Add Airbnb guest service fees to your price
If you can select this you now have the compare similar listings but with errors in similar listing pricing.
The map showing the prices is wrong, it doesn't add service fees if applicable or remove discounts for multiday, weekly or monthly discounts so is inaccurate as a comparison unless the competing host has the same discount and same service fee option. Support are having trouble to be able to work this out or understand how it is an issue. 
This feature holds a lot of promise but is unavailable from many who would actively manage their listings and provides inaccurate data. 
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Nuriootpa, Australia

Hi Ian, did you get any response by Airbnb to your question? 
I have never been able to see the price comparison for my apartment, and just assumed it was because it wasn’t “rolled out” to everyone yet. 
I recently accepted the recommended change to include the guest service fee in the price. Does this mean I’ll never be able to use the price comparisons for my area? 

I didn't receive a reply after posting. I have called many times. They seem to know about it but said we can't give you any information. We may or may not fix the problem or it maybe a feature is the best I got, most support didn't have a clue or even know compare local listings was a feature. I said do I call again or wait for a call and I got told no don't call and no we won't be notifying anyone just keep checking. 


If I add the fee back in as I have the option on my listing  I get the feature back but they can't add up correctly so its not super useful yet. They still need to take into account cleaning fees and booking fees but I have little hope they can work that basic math out. Airbnb is what it is, there is no way to escalate a clear and obvious issue and there is no way to get any indication that they even understand the issue. It's report the problem and pray they do something.  I guess if enough report a problem it will help but I suspect many just think its being rolled out. Best I can tell everyone who doesn't absorb the fee gets the feature which still needs work which is sad because it holds a lot of promise.