Critique my listing

Critique my listing


Hello hosts,

I have been on airbnb for some months now and yet to confirm a booking through the site.  Kindly critique it and assist me in making any changes on the listing. I'll appreciate your feedback. 

🏡 View on AirbnbGuest house in Bisil · 1 bedroom · 1.5 bathrooms

🏡 View on AirbnbGuest house in Bisil · 2 bedrooms · 2 beds · 2 bathrooms


Kind regards, 

Ms Mwangi- Kajiado, Kenya 

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Hi @Orinie-Mountain0 👋


I hope you don't mind, I've added your listings to your post to make it easy for Hosts to have a look at our properties 😍


I'll check back soon to see if some Hosts have popped by to support you! 😊



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@Rebecca , Thankyou so much.

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Hi @Orinie-Mountain0 

I like your listing. Although some hosts may give valuable inputs about the listing itself, you should also remember that a big part of getting your first bookings is to make sure that your listing gets displayed in a good position in guest searches. You can rank better if you do things that improve your ranking. When you are new, you unfortunately don't have factors like guest reviews and past bookings working in your favour. You have to concentrate on other things that will make your listing show up. Offering a good price (or a special) is a good way to start, as the rankings favour good value. You can also check that you don't have too many restrictions on availability when you start. Try to avoid unnecessary minimum/maximum stays and blocked nights, and turn on instant book if you can. In the Airbnb resource center you can get more tips if you go to the "learning" tab. Hope it helps!

Thankyou so much for your feedback @Joan2709 .  I will make the necessary changes.

I really appreciate your response. 

Hi @Orinie-Mountain0 

It’s hard for new Hosts to know what truly makes an outstanding listing. I wish Airbnb had a “New Host Guide” that includes all the best tips and ideas on how to make your listing stand out. It is so critical to get off to a great start while you have the temporary “New” boost in search results that Airbnb gives to new listings.


I would invest some time and search the Airbnb Help articles regarding new listings and especially read up on how to get great photos. Quality photos are the number one thing that will make your listing succeed (or not). A few things stood out to me as far as suggestions:


Update Your Profile

Guests like to know a bit about you. You don’t have to fill out every section in the Host profile, but put something in there. Also, guests like to see an actual photo of the Host on the profile; not a business name:





Get professional photos done! You especially need an excellent cover photo. Unfortunately, your photos need work. Many are tilted or blurry and they don’t have captions/descriptions. Photos tell the story about your home in a visual format.Many guests make a booking decision on photos alone. Without quality photos (with captions), the guest isn't "seeing" the full story of your home.


I highly suggest professional photos. For now, make sure every photo has a caption and get someone to help you straighten the photos you have. You can edit photos on your phone or on a computer. You only had 12 photos on the one listing? Most Hosts provide at least 25. You mention a mountain view and plunge pool, but don’t have any photos of that?


Cover Photo

This is the most important photo for your listing. Guests will be scrolling through listings and your cover photo has to stand out and of the highest quality. Your current cover photo is washed out and tilted and guests might actually think you home is actually falling over🤔 :




Suggest you change your cover photo to one of the two below until you can get professional photos. An exterior, twilight photo works well if it is a good quality photo:






Wishing you much success going forward! Let us know how it goes 😊

Thankyou so much @Joan2709 for your detailed feedback. I really appreciate your feedback and will be making the necessary changes.