Feedback please The Retreat on Grant

Feedback please The Retreat on Grant

Hi All, 

I would greatly appreciate some constructive criticism and suggestions for improving our SEO. We get a few guests from ABNB that seem to love our house, but then long dry periods of no guests. Most guests come from other sites, but I appreciate the customer service at ABNB. 


What should I change to increase bookings through ABNB?



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Hi @Melissa2532 , Welcome to the Community😍.
Your space looks such a classic vacation retreat 🎉 ! Are you a plant enthusiast by the way?🍀

We have some lovely guides from experienced and kind Hosts, who've shared their tips with our Host Community. I wished to share them in case they're useful, while we wait for Host members to chime in with their listing feedback : 

Hope it helps!



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Hello @Melissa2532 ,


While you have a beautiful property, well-designed with lots of attention to detail, it's obvious that it was prepared with the comfort of guests in mind, as your wonderful reviews attest.


That being said, I have a few things for you to consider. The first item will definitely have a positive impact on your results, while the others are just food for thought.


1. Change the cover picture. Guests often make decisions based on the first image they see. Some guests, when they encounter a picture of a flower or a close-up of wine glasses, don't bother checking the property because it suggests the host is trying to hide flaws behind cheesy pictures. However, in your case, your property is beautiful. Consider replacing the cover image with an exterior picture of the unique and special house itself or an interior image of the bedroom with the sloped ceiling. It's a great picture that conveys the uniqueness of the space.


Here are a few more ideas:


- Review the amenities list to ensure accuracy regarding what you provide and what you don't. I find it hard to believe that you don't supply shampoo and essentials. Additionally, if it's a whole house, it must have a private entrance, correct?


- Consider explaining where the 7th and 8th persons sleep.


-In one of the bathrooms, there's a closed tub behind a blue shower curtain. Shower curtains can sometimes raise hygienic concerns, and they may appear cheaper compared to clear glass, like in the second bathroom.


I hope these suggestions are helpful.

Tremendous advice. Thank you! 

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Hi @Melissa2532 .


You really have a lovely place, and the Carlton area also seems very attractive.


When I do an open search on Carlton, Airbnb shows your listing on page 3 out of 15 pages and as number 32 out of the 300 listings that Airbnb chooses to show. That's quite good, considering there are over 1000 listings when searching for Carlton, Oregon.

Additionally, when I click on 'Guest Favorite,' you are number 26 out of 756 listings with 'Guest Favorite' in Carlton. So, on the SEO side, you are actually doing reasonably well.


The next step is to get potential guests to choose your place, and here I would take a good look at the advice you have already received in this thread. I also believe that good pictures matter. If I were you, I would hire a professional photographer to take pictures on a clear day with sunshine. I would also choose your fine interesting house as the cover picture. 
The mentioned actions will also improve SEO, as more people are likely to add you to their wish list, book, and definitely leave good reviews 🙂


Remember that Airbnb on a PC shows the first 5 pictures in your picture list on your listing front page. So, be careful to pull up the most beautiful (and most informative) photos here.


Best regards, Karen

An alternative is to have your photos brightened a bit. It opens up the spaces and makes it more welcoming, clean, and modern.light_1.jpg