Gods Touch Apartments Signature

Gods Touch Apartments Signature

Good morning All,

I listed the above property in 2021, though through Nightbridge.

However since we opted to relate directly with AirBNB, 

we have struggled to get business due to process of

receiving payouts here in Nigeria is not clear to us.


We will require AIRBNB representative to call us through **

to finalize on the process so we can start getting business through the platform.


We will appreciate this real time.


Thank you.


Stanley Nwakwue



**[Phone number hidden due to safety reasons - Community Center Guidelines]

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Community Manager
Community Manager
Toronto, Canada

Hey @Godstouch0 ,

As Mike correctly suggested below, you can connect with Airbnb Support through the contact page to get some assistance on your query. 


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For guidance and to ensure Community safety, please look at our Community Center Guidelines!

Level 10
England, United Kingdom

@Godstouch0 Airbnb will not contact you. If you need help contact them via the help pages on Airbnb.com

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