I'm a new host and would really appreciate a critique of my first listing

I'm a new host and would really appreciate a critique of my first listing

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@John8063  I'm not sure how or why you would try to sleep six people at your property. You have two bedrooms, and did not show another place to sleep. It also appears that you don't have a dining table for six. Six people in one small bathroom is not a great experience. You should probably lower your capacity to 4. 


As to your pictures.....there's no need to include the title of your listing in every caption. It detracts from the information about what's in the pictures. 


Furthermore, for every picture that shows a "resort" activity, you need to include that guests will need to buy a park pass. I'm aware that you've included in in your general information, but guests do not read, and you will have problems when they are expecting pool access, restaurant access, etc. Believe me, it will happen. It looks like it already happened with your latest review. That person was NOT happy and gave you 4 stars, which is a hard hit when you are just getting established. 


I would also say that 60 pictures is about 20-30 too many. You may want to reduce the number of pics. 


Good luck with your hosting. Kia

Thanks @Kia272 , all info. constructively received :0)

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Hi @John8063 👋


You've got a reply here from @Kia272 - did you find any of the information useful in making some changes to your listing? 


It'd be great to hear how you got on and if you made any changes. Looking forward to hearing from you 😊



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To add to @Kia272's useful advice @John8063 


Do you really think a key selling point for your guests is that you have TVs. Surely its that your surrounded by forest and have access to leisure amenities on site.


Also you need to change your profile to a photo of yourself not your listing as this instils trust with guests


I agree market it for four people and make sure you label any photos of paid for amenities by mentioning the charge so guests don't feel misled.