Is it possible to print my Airbnb calendar?

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Is it possible to print my Airbnb calendar?

I want to print the Airbnb calendar so I can have a hard copy on my desk - is this possible?



Will B

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Hi all in this Thread,


I'm Duane the other half of Maria and Duane.

I have a solution to the problem at hand that may help all, albeit it is not perfect.


1:  RIGHT click anywhere on your property host calender screen (choose print from the popup menu)


2: Once the Print command window comes up you will have to change a few settings. First I would recommend scrolling down and finding the number of pages you wish to print.

   a- Choose the number of pages to print

   b- Make sure the LAYOUT setting is changed to landscape 

   c- Click the + sign on MORE SETTINGS

   d- Set SCALE to 74 (The reason for changing scale is to bring in the whole month of the calender which was previosly cut off at full scale 100%. You may have to play around with scaling until you see the entire calender in the preview screen to the right.

   e- check-mark BACKGROUND GRAPHICS under Options


3:  Print



Calender Settings Screenshot.jpg

Notice the colored lines showing days booked are not there but the days are semi highlighted in a darker gray and days past in a lighter gray. This is the only problem with this method. You would just have to let your cleaning crew know to clean the following day of the last grayed out day or mark the cleaning days with a highlighter.


I hope this helps...


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I've been asking for a way to print out a calendar for years. It seems like such a simple thing. Screenshot doesn't work very well--it comes out faint and small. I don't want to sync to a google calendar because it's too complicated. I just want to print a monthly calendar. Is that so goddam hard?

Glenn don't know if you still need it - but on Windows a right click and screen shot gives a png image that you can actually zoom into and see the lines. (I wanted whole year). Blessings Lindy

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Add me to the list of all, who are very disappointed that we cannot print our Airbnb Calendar(s), as well as NOT being able to sync with our Google, Apple and other calendar's. Dear Airbnb, I have a cave to rent to to you!

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Hi everyone I saw this thread on printing issue for Airbnb calendar. Here is an option that might work for you. You can print any webpage by using the keyboard shortcut to print. On Windows press key 'Ctrl' and 'p' at the same time to print. This will print the calendar from the browser. See attached screen shot. The layout was funny with view 'monthly' so I changed it to view 'year' Also change from the 'nightly price' to something else like 'notes' to hide the price per night.

hope this helpsAirbnb 2.PNGPrint Airbnb.PNG

Unfortunately on a pc the blocked off dates (which we have on ours) are so faint can't even see on a print webpage. Copy and paste into a graphic program then into a word processing program seems CRAZY for a company as big as airbnb. ????? Can't believe.

I'm so Happy - THANKS Glenn a couple of years ago

On a PC

Go to the calendar

Right click

Take screenshot

Select how much of the calendar you want (I wanted whole year).

In upper right of screen Click Save visible or Save Full Page (my suggestion)

If you do full page (and are on a month - you get whole month)

If you do full page and are on year - you get whole year.

The advantage to this over print screen is that the png is zoomable and the blocked out dates show up so much better.


[i coudn't get google calendar to sync so... ]

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Printing would be nice, I need this because I have many units for rent, and the calendar export notes on my calendar reflect "reserved" with no details. It is impossible to manage. 

How about this calendar template: **

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