Listing not showing up!


Listing not showing up!

Hi everyone!


I just joined the hosting community and listed my place yesterday. Every time I check my listing doesn't show up on the search results at all!


Even if I zoom in fully on my area. Why is this happening? Even if I filter to see the dates I set available, it doesn't show up still.


Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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Chicago, IL

Hey, it shows up for me! You may need to try on another browser or clear your cache. From another article, "Keep in mind that each guest will see different results when searching based on the preferences they add, their past booking history, and other search criteria."



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Wavell Heights, Australia

Hi my listing isn't showing up either

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Arlington, VA

My listing for Arlington, Virginia or Crystal City, Va (USA) does not show up either. 

No way to contact Airbnb to correct the problem?

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New York, NY

Hi all,

I host occasionaly but for some reasons, my apartment doesn't show up, I double checked all the options and availablity although it says 'listed', my ad doesnt show up on the map...

How can I contact airbnb directly?

I have the same problem.  I've had my listing for over a year now but It's been 2 weeks and my listing is not showing up.    I have called airbnb "support" but all they do is take a message and refer me from one person to another...for 2 weeks all they do is investigate and could not give me a straight answer.  Any suggestion?  They do not even have a live technical support person.

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Ramara, Canada

so how did you fix this problem ? thanks


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Miami, FL

Hi the same thing is happening to me now my listing is not showing up in maps and no help from support did you figure out what was wrong? 

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Cancún, Mexico

my listing doesn´t show up, even if I look magnifying the street, who I should contact, to see if my listing is active, because I am having great reviews and suddenly I stopped having reservations Latitude 20.621238

Longitude -87.078412
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Budapest, Hungary

I have exactly the same problem!

Got good reviews, and was going to show my place on my friend's laptop - we started to look and even if zooming up, there is no my place listed on the dates which are sure available!

It seems unfair. And I do know that my friend doesn't use Airbnb usually, so there were no preferences!


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Los Angeles, CA

Same here.

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Nelspruit, South Africa

same problem here

it is 2021 and AirBnB still got the same issue. Listing marked as green (listed) 5 days ago but simply not showing up on any browser (cache cleared) or on mobile app. Of course, there's no support to speak off and search through these forums doesn't help much. Not sure whether it is programming/coding error on part of the AirBnB or simply purposely done (in which case there' no point any longer wasting my time here)...AirBnB site is really pathetic in comparison with Now I can appreciate higher commission that booking is taking: they offer almost flawless experience with hosting a place as oppose to airbnb....

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Anchorage, AK

Same problem. So frustrating 

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Leeuwarden, The Netherlands


You need to wait upto 24 hours to see your listing appearing in the search results.

Wait until this link shows a result before starting to be frustrated:

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England, United Kingdom

@Faruk13 Airbnb are not really cheaper than as they charge up to 20% (usually 14) to the guest on top of the 3% to you.

Have you called your local Airbnb number? It can be found in a post pinned to the top of the help section of this forum

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London, United Kingdom

My listing has been up for a while now and it's not showing up in search results when I check with a friend doing a search for me or with another browser in a non-logged in state. I see other people complaining about this in the community forums as well. What is the point of doing all this work to set up hosting an apartment when people can't even SEE it? I set up very liberal criteria and no filters, set available dates, yet it's not showing up! I zoom into the specific neighborhood, it's not showing up! I have to set very specific criteria like specifying "2 bedrooms" which is ridiculous and zoom into a few blocks to see it finally show up. Then if I move the map slightly the listing disappears again for no logical, sane person reason! This is ridiculous and a waste of time. Why is Airbnb doing this?

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England, United Kingdom

Hi Michael,
I also don’t understand why, if a friend searches for my house for 6 people in Broulee (NSW, Australia) on dates when my house is free, and it accommodates 6 people, my listing does not appear. I see there are quite a few comments like this on AirBnb and many people complaining about not being able to contact Airbnb about this problem. Have you resolved your issue? 

Hi Hose, has no one replied to you in 4 months? Are you still with Air Bnb?

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Nashville, TN

I also cant find my listen.  I started hosting about a week ago and I could see my listing up until a few hours ago.  I already have about 7 books but now my listing has disapered and my freinds say they cant find my listing via search or when i provided them wiht the direct URL.  Any ideas why this is happening?  Airbnb goes out of the way to make sure you cant contact them.  Any else having any luck finding my lisitng? Thanks for the help. Listing:

Yes, it's the new world isn't it? Instead of answering your clients queries, you get your other clients to answer their queiries, if they are lucky! And provide no contact details for them to actually contact you with a problem. I have the same problem of my listing not showing up, and not being able to get a logical straight answer. Perhaps I'm expected to spend 5 or 6 hours trawling through all the other air bnb users comments to finally find the answer!

@Steve453, or you can just ask for help here!


I searched for your listing in Maylands, and your listing is on the very first page (when the map shows your specific area.) Your listing for me was at #13 of 224 on the map.


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