Listing not showing up!


Listing not showing up!

Hi everyone!


I just joined the hosting community and listed my place yesterday. Every time I check my listing doesn't show up on the search results at all!


Even if I zoom in fully on my area. Why is this happening? Even if I filter to see the dates I set available, it doesn't show up still.


Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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Chicago, IL

Hey, it shows up for me! You may need to try on another browser or clear your cache. From another article, "Keep in mind that each guest will see different results when searching based on the preferences they add, their past booking history, and other search criteria."



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Seignosse, France

Hi our appartment can accommodate 1 - 4 guests, but if I just put in 1,2 or 3 guests, not 4 the listing doesnot show.


Does anybody have any advic how I can chnage this happening?


With thanks 


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San Diego, CA

Same this is happening to me, help!

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Seattle, WA

Same thing happens for me.  I have friends who look with no result; zoom in on the street.  I rechecked all settings.  I had guests just a couple weeks ago and now have no new views which is mystifying.  


My listing is 11962894.  


Or site is


All suggestions welcome.  


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