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Message feature and photos



I'm a renter messaging two hosts. One on the left of the message box is an icon that lets me attached a photo. With the other host there is no similar icon or option. I also appear to be blocked from sending a link to them or any website?

I'm trying to send a photo or a link of a travel crib to confirm they have one available. Anyways, I'm wondering if they have some function or security thing on there end? Why can I send photos to one host and not another?




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Hi @Benjamin1317 


I don't believe Airbnb allows guests or Hosts to send images or links (URLs) if you are just sending an inquiry. Once you book dates (have a reservation), the image icon should appear and you can message the host and add links (URLs) to the message. 

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Hi @Benjamin1317 

I see you posted this awhile ago but wanted to reach out and see if this ever got sorted? If not, maybe we can ask why that might have happened so we'll know in the future.



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