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Photo Tour Petition

Hi all. The photo tour is okay now that I had to make it work since accidentally accepting — but I DO NOT appreciate that we cannot rearrange the order of the rooms. For example the bedrooms/bathrooms are super boring and by the time the guests scroll down to the more exciting photos I feel like many lose interest. 

Perhaps if we actually all gather and write to the airbnb design team they can give us the right to arrange the order to our liking. Just asking for help in voicing this. Thank you 



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Community Manager
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Hi @Nadia511 👋


Since introducing the Listings tab in 2023, we’ve continued to improve it based on Host feedback. The 2024 Summer Release includes your top request for the photo tour: the ability to reorder listing photos within rooms. Soon, you’ll also be able to update an existing photo tour with help from AI.


You’ve always been able to edit your photo tour by adding, deleting, or manually sorting photos into different rooms. Now, you can drag and drop photos to rearrange them within a room. Soon, you’ll also be able to instantly update your tour when you add three or more photos. AI will organise the new images without changing any of the edits you’ve made.


I hope this helps. 🤗



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Thank you 🙂 I did see that feature to reorder WITHIN rooms which is nice. But i am really asking to change the order of the rooms themselves. I see I am not the only one wanting this. Maybe homes have amazing backyards or other parts of the home that they want to showcase first. But sadly we start with living room /kitchen etc and that’s the first thing a potential client sees instead of the rooms we want to showcase for the first impression in the listing, perhaps you can forward this info we would be grateful. Thank you!!!