Suspended no explanation

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Elk Grove, CA

Suspended no explanation

my list was suspended one week 

no on explanation for it

I did lots of call 

I have few properties Airbnb business over 5 years. I have few hundred reviews. Average over 4.7


I don’t know what happened 

my question is 

Can my friend’s Airbnb account manager my property instead of me?


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Community Manager
Community Manager
Toronto, Canada

Hey @CiCi31 ,

This is unfortunate and we understand how worried you would be. Are there any recent incidents with a guest that must have led to this? 

I am also sharing your concerns with the related teams if they can get back to you with any information. 


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Level 2
Elk Grove, CA

thank you for your reply  Bhumika

I just get emails said my account was removed 

I think it means I can’t work for Airbnb anymore. I realized my bad English ruined  my business.  


My question is:

these properties Still can host Airbnb guests.  Is it right ?

so. If some property manager or my friend’s account would like to accept these properties.  I want make sure about that.  I don’t want anything wrong again.



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