What Should a First-Time Airbnb Host Know? Seeking Tips and Advice

What Should a First-Time Airbnb Host Know? Seeking Tips and Advice

Hi this is the first time Im doing airbnb, is there any pointers that beginners should know? 

Thank you in advance. 


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Welcome to the Community Center @Olga1275!

It looks like a few of our helpful Hosts have stopped by to offer some pointers for a first-time Host. Was there anything in particular you found helpful or wanted to ask about? Feel free to leave a comment 😊 



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@Olga1275  Here's an air bnb list of things that are good to know such as regulations where you live, safety,

health concerns, insurance, neighbors, etc. First choose the continent where you live, then narrow down the specific location 🙂 I found this list basic but helpful !

do check with your local government; some places have zoning rules stating your location must be registered/licensed as a business to open..or it may be you need to apply for rezoning so you can have a business run in a residential area. Other concerns outdoors: parking, noise, signage, evening curfew, drinking..many cities have limits on these and more topics 🙂

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