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Calgary, Canada


New user here, but wondering whether anyone can help me out.

When I tried to test out my listing/ get my friend to request a booking, it says 'dates are not available" even though I've got them listed as available. 

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England, United Kingdom

@David7982 Yep it says that for me as well.

Not sure what could cause this I am afraid. Perhaps call Airbnb and ask them.

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Zagreb, Croatia

honestly, I've never seen the message "these dates are not available" here on Airbnb.

If dates are not available, or check-in is not allowed on some days then they are light grey on the calendar and impossible to select.

If there is a minimum stay it is shown in a bubble (yours is set to min 2 nights)

So , yes, you should contact Airbnb through Twitter, Facebook or Contac- us link

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Zagreb, Croatia

@David7982  one thing came to my mind... did you set the prices? Bc if you didn't it would explain why it is impossible to book

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Leeuwarden, The Netherlands


It is rather simple:

Your listing is not (yet) in the search system, so it is not bookable.

Wait until this link gives a result:

If you published the listing very recent, wait for at least 24 hours after publishing.

If still "no result" then something is wrong and you need to call  Airbnb

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Gros Islet, Saint Lucia


Maybe your listing hadn't finished fully propagating through the internet earlier.  I entered dates over the Canadian/US Labour/Labor Day weekend, and the dates were available.