finding a co-host in Lisbon, Portugal

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Milan, Italy

finding a co-host in Lisbon, Portugal

Hi Airbnb community, 


I am seeking a co-host to help me manage a property in Marvila, Lisbon. 


The candidate should take care of the cleanings, and receive the guests to handle the keys and show how works the property. 

thank you,



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Almada, Portugal

Hello @Davide289,


We are Sónia & Darko,  a couple in our mid-40s, running 2 apartments in Lisbon city center.


We were Superhosts on the Airbnb platform for more than 4 years. As we stopped renting our own apartment we are no longer superhosts.


Since then we started offering our experience to other hosts who are not in Portugal.


We invite you to check  see our Airbnb profile and all reviews of our guests here:


If you are still looking for a cohost and interested in our profile, we would love to meet you maybe via zoom or similar app to get to know each others even virtually for a possible colaboration.


Sonia & Darko

Hey @Sónia-and-Darko0 , 

I thought I did respond to your reply long time ago, but I don't see my messages now, I don't know what happened. 

However I wish we could have the opportunity to go more in details through a zoom call as you suggested. Send me the invitation and I will organize myself around it. 

Alternatively you can find me on whatsup **

I hope we can talk soon, 



**[Phone number hidden due to safety reasons - Community Center Guidelines]

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Hi @Davide289 @Sónia-and-Darko0 , As we refrain from sharing phone numbers or email addresses publicly on this forum as per the Community Center Guidelines , I had to removed Davide's number.

But I would recommend you share your contact information via direct message to connect further. 

You can do so by going to each other's profile and clicking on the Send Message button.

Hope this helps you connect and wishing you both success in your venture!



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interested as well!

Hi Davide,


I would love to help out.


I have dropped you a private message with further details.


Kind regards,



send me to me please, thanks

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Odesa, Ukraine

Good day, David!

My name is Iryna, I’m 31, living at Lisbon with my family at the moment. If you are still looking for co-host you may contact me. 
Thank you

Have a great day

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London, United Kingdom

I am interested, check my post please