guest and host messages - notifications

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guest and host messages - notifications

I find it difficult when guests don't read my messages before check-in because their default notification settings are set to none.


Recently, someone in the community suggested adding a reminder to guests about message notifications. I would like to thank that person for the great idea.

To ensure guests receive my messages, I have added this message to my scheduled messages immediately after booking: "


Please set up Airbnb notifications so that we don't miss each other's messages. You can do this by going to account settings, selecting 'guest and host messages', and choosing email or SMS."


I hope other hosts find this information helpful too.

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We more or less solved that problem by establishing WhatsApp contact after they book it. It's much simpler, faster, and more difficult for them to ignore. And virtually all guests we've had enthusiastically prefer it.


Plus, it gives us some indication of whether they're still on the plane or have landed prior to their arrival. And it makes it easier for guests to contact you if needed ("we're arriving late" or "where can we buy fresh fish"), and you can freely send photos and Google maps links (which they can just click and go), but also links to  attractions, restaurants, and shopping in the area if they seek advice.


Note: It's always preferable to use the Airbnb message system (for historical  reference) when dealing with "problematic" guests, in case you are later forced to interact with Airbnb support (not recommended ). But careful screening of guests prior to booking can greatly reduce the occurrence of problematic guests, and consequently, the need to interact with Airbnb support.

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I send messages on multiple mediums. Email, SMS and the platform. They are bound to get one of them. Whether they actually read them is another issue altogether. 

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@Guy991  exactly.

The worst is when they send us a booking request and then don't read our reply and additional questions within 24 hours time frame. Then we have to decline the request. Interestingly... they reply immediately after we decline them. It seems they do get a notification when their request is declined, but they don't get a notification if we just message them.
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