photos won't upload to new listing

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photos won't upload to new listing

Photos won't upload.

I've tried three different browsers, Chrome, Explorer and Foxfire.  All three give the same error "Upload Failed Please Try Again".

All picture files are below 30MB, same error.

I am at a loss.  Any help would be appreciated.




Tom (Carol's Husband)

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Hi Tim,

Are you using a lap top? The word Firefox suggested that. It is easier than the phone app.
Are you using photos at least 1024px X 63px?

Are you using horizontal instead of vertical when taking pictures? 
These tips helped me. If you go into AirBnB Community Center multiple people have had this happen & over 60 answers. 

Hope this help. Best of luck. 



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HI @Carol9455 & Tim 😍


I wasn't sure if you saw @Bettye6's reply here so tagging you in. Did you manage to get your photos updated in the end? 


Looking forward to hearing from you 😊



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Hi Tom

As @Bettye6 mentions, the usual culprit is the pictures must be at least 1024x683 pixels, or the photos are not accepted. If you are trying to upload from a phone, this could also be the issue. Phones will reduce the quality (pixels) of photos to allow for more storage on a phone. So if someone texts you photos, they will be a lower quality.


It's best to email the photos to yourself and download them on a computer. Then upload to your listing from a computer.