Hello to all

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Kitchener, Canada

Hello to all

I am here to build connections and learn from other hosts. I hosted for some time and then stopped, and I am now back to hosting again. We are in Kitchener, Ontario, Canada; our place is near trails, the Grand River, a mix of nature lover sites and the city. I have travelled to many countries and look forward to welcoming guests to my family house. 

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Community Manager
London, United Kingdom

Hey there @Diwakar3, I'm happy to see that you're back! 😊

As you're new to the Community Center I thought I'd share some tips. There are lots of advice and information around the Community Center, if you go to the search bar at the top of your screen, which has a 🔍 and says “search the community” and type in a few keywords related to what you're looking for I'm sure you'll find plenty of posts 😊

There are also quite few boards on the community to explore, but I thought these might be of particular interest to you! 

🎯  Advice on your space 🎯
💻 Help with your business 💻

If you’d like to learn about asking for a listing critique, check out this topic right here: 

How to ask for listing critique on the Community Center✍️


Additionally, feel free to re-introduce yourself on this thread with newbie hosts 🎉here

Lastly I'd like to share a thread written by one of our amazing long time host Robin called How do you get started as an Airbnb host

I hope you find these useful! 😊

Best wishes,



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Stuttgart, Germany

Hi @Diwakar3 Welcome!


I have lovely memories to Kitchener and Ontario 🙂