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Hey everyone, Laundry day. The joys of smelling your favourite softener on the laundry that’s hanging to dry. The possibility of wearing that cute shirt again. It’s a marvel, and one made so much easier by the invention of the washing machine! Only o... Latest reply by Sudsrung0
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Feature request: please allow users to filter by TOTAL price —and— sort by TOTAL price. Also, you need to display the total price in the app as well as on the desktop searches. With fees varying so much, the listed price ends up meaning NOTHING anyway. Re... Latest reply by Calla18
I think it would be so helpful if there was an option for hosts to have an environment free of unnatural fragrances and use of Fabric Softeners/Bounce and a way to indicate that on a listing. In our own Airbnb we use natural cleaners only and a diffuser ...
Hello My name is Johnathon. After countless years of working in customer service and retail as visual merchandiser and even managing multiple business. I recently partnered up with a cleaning service and also a good friend of mine who practices and speci...
When you open your home up to guests from around the world, bed bugs are a bound to travel along. The longer you host, the more likely the bed bugs will visit too. Advice for new hosts: Be proactive and consult with a professional pest management compa... Latest reply by Emilie
Airbnb already has filters for the number of beds and the number of bathrooms. How hard would it be to add in an option to filter by bed size? I can't begin to tell you how much time I've wasted looking at attractive rentals only to learn they have doubl... Latest reply by Sudsrung0
Hello everyoneI need help organizing and decorating shared kitchen, bedrooms, bathrooms etc...I hate to see stuffs all over, crowded and misplaced.Do you know specialist in DC, Virginia, Maryland USA, or any virtual website that can help?I am looking forw... Latest reply by Marie8049