AirBnB restrictions in Switzerland

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Risch, Switzerland

AirBnB restrictions in Switzerland

Hi all

I have an AirBnB property in a canton where they just implemented a restricting of 90 days for short term rentals and other cantons have followed or will follow.

Are there any creative ideas on how to work with this restriction within the law of course?

How do you fill the other 270 days if you also host in such a canton?

Thank you,


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Community Manager
Community Manager
Toronto, Canada

Hey @Matthias319 ,

Did you get any information about this outside the Community Center?

Are there any tips, you would like to share with other Hosts from Switzerland who would have similar queries?


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Bristol, United Kingdom

In London where we have a 90 day limit hosts tend to do student or other longer term rentals outside of the 90 day STR limit  @Matthias319 

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