Airbnbs new algorithm

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Airbnbs new algorithm

I see many hosts having the same problem as me which is good because Im not the only one in this boat! 


My bookings have gone down significantly and I see other superhosts who have the same issue say its the new airbnb algorithm and I was wondering what it is?


I have always had a full calendar before the pandemic, DURING the pandemic( I did 30 day stays during the pandemic) and after the pandemic. For some reason it has all dried up. my views are significantly down and bookings as well. My listing doesnt show up when searching at surrounding cities when it usually does. Anyone have an idea or an answer as to what airbnb did?

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First of all it's bad faith from airbnb side. Nothing to do with price policy, etc. You can't find your apartment on your street (exact address) !!!! We are more than 8 years with airbnb. I don't have other choice than to go with others. I don't care anymore. They are more and more ignorant 

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Me too.  I don't know the answer either.  But its become really quite distressing.  Especially since i was 100% booked through the entire pandemic in restricted county regulations at that.  And legally so.  I did not take advantage of the grant AIRBNB was offering to hosts.  I pulled my own wait always.  Even with horrible ambassador call in issues and wrong determinations regarding me because the dear folks couldn't read my language and understand the complete details.  


I love SUPERhosting for AIRBNB going on my 6th year despite really damaging support issues.  I still love it and I am good at it. 



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mine too, I have a 5 star stay in a tourist town and I am booked every day and now I have nothing at all starting in December till forever, this is my business and I have been building it for 11 years and now I am disapeared...

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@Kenny248 @KandM-Premier-Vacation0 


Please search this forum for 'summer release', 'winter release' and 'categories'. You will find a lot of discussion about this and you should be able to get a picture as to what happened.


However, to summarise, there was a huge impact after the Summer Release was rolled out in May. Airbnb announced this as their biggest change in a decade. The search function was completely redesigned in a way that had a very negative impact on masses of hosts, myself included. This included introducing categories, many of which are so niche that I can't imagine many guests will be actually booking them, showing availability for 'any weekend, any week, any month', so that listings with availability midweek disappeared, and often the ones shown were displayed with availability in the distant future rather than their earliest available dates, introducing split stays and a bunch of other useless stuff, which obscured the typical listings that most people are looking for.


As well as introducing a seemingly counter-intuitive search functionality, a lot of listings were hidden on the map view. We were told to include key words, change our listing titles, have 'front page worthy photos', if we wanted the algorithm to pick our listings, but believe me, this is BS. Listings with terrible photos were showing, while my listings with photos by professional Airbnb photographers and which have been featured in Airbnb articles, were not. 


In addition, Brian Chesky has openly stated that Airbnb is trying to drive customers away from oversaturated areas and show them instead places that they might never have thought about. So, there might be 100 listings in your town, but Airbnb will show only 30 of them and then a bunch of listings in other locations. Initially, this was so extreme that the algorithm kept sending me to France whenever I searched for listings in London. 


Anyway, I could go on and on, but there are already some very lengthy threads on this subject. Just do a search for them and you will see what I'm talking about. 



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YES. My listing has seemingly disappeared on the map view. My house is in a small city right by Anaheim California. Anaheim is the city Disneyland is in so of course guest from all over only know to search Anaheim when looking on airbnb for homes. 


Before, my house would pop up as a surrounding city close to Anaheim and I would get a lot of bookings but now it has completely disappeared from the search. I relied heavily on being in the same search engine as Anaheim even though my house isnt located in anaheim. No one would even know my city to even look it up!

Having the same issue. Other homes outside of the area are showing before my home in the city search area is. One home isn’t even coming up at all unless you zoom in on the particular street. Who would know how to do that? It’s insane and Airbnb reps are zero help. Please update us if you figure it out. 

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If I had the answer to that I would be a multi millionaire,


What other platforms are you on?