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New Braunfels, TX

Businesses on Map

My area has almost zero businesses that show up on the Airbnb Map, even though it's a Historic District with dozens of excellent restaurants, bars, coffee shops, live music venues, river outfitters, shops, etc.

How do I help to get these businesses shown on the Airbnb Map for our Guests??

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Some businesses just do not have any global or virtual presence. Maybe they are new? 
being within walking distance to your place is a great tool. I love staying where I can walk to a few hangouts. Also, I think you can go to the business and somehow tag the place in your Airbnb listing, and it recognizes it.  My teenager helped me . Good luck 

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Hi @Gruene-River-Vacation0 , 


It is so nice to hear that you are interested in helping out local businesses.


As @Elizabeth2901 suggested, how about creating a guidebook for your guests on Airbnb, so that they can have a list of places recommended by you?

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New Braunfels, TX

Hi, Bhumika.

I understand creating a guidebook, but that's not really my question.

Let's say I'm a Guest looking for the "hot spot" in a particular town/city/historic district.  Now I want to make sure that I select an Airbnb that's within walking distance of that hot spot, and the way to do that is to see many restaurants, bars, music venues, shopping, etc. ON THE AIRBNB MAP.  

Then, I can select the most desirable location for an Airbnb within the hot spot.

Unfortunately, the Airbnb Map doesn't work like this.

It doesn't show virtually ANY of the hot restaurants, business, etc., that one would normally see on say, a google map, but only shows a few sparse listings for really poorly rated businesses, for my area.

Why doesn't the Airbnb Map show high-rated businesses like the Google Map, to help the Guests choose the most desirable location??

A guidebook is virtually useless, since why would a Guests access a listings guidebook, if they weren't able to even tell if it's geographically desirable?

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