Cannot Alter Management Fee

Cannot Alter Management Fee

I use the "management fee" option in my pricing because I like to build in a larger entry fee to my pricing scheme (it's just better than tiered discounts for me).


I just found that I cannot change the management fee amount on any of my listings.  I make the change, up or down, and click "save" and it simply does not save.  I also cannot delete the fee or add other fees, such as a resort or linens fee.


I can change and successfully save the cleaning fee, so it seems to just be a site error with those specialty fees.


Is anyone else seeing this and is there a fix?

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@Christopher187 What is a management fee?

@Mike-And-Jane0 It is one of the fees you can charge.

Go to "Standard fees and charges" and scroll all the way to the bottom.

Under "Add a standard fee", there are four options.  These are fees you can add to your listing.

I can't get any of them to work right now.  I can't add, remove, or edit them.  It won't save the changes.

I am having the same issues discovered today.  Hoping that someone can provide a resolution.

I just chatted with an Airbnb rep, and they said they're forwarding the issue to the tech people.

I am dealing with the same issue as well.


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Hi @Eric-And-Mirjam0, I hope you're well 😊 I came across your comment, I was wondering if you have reached out to Support? You can contact them via the Help center here



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It didn’t work on the computer but the app allowed me to change it. Thanks 

@Christopher187 @Mike-And-Jane0 I think not all hosts have access to that feature. You have to have at least six listings.