Changing Payout Billing Country

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Almaty, Kazakhstan

Changing Payout Billing Country

Is it possible to change my payout billing country to use PayPal as a payout method? I am from Kazakhstan, Airbnb doesn't include PayPal as a payout option here. I have some difficulties with International Wire and Payoneer seems to be long to set up and wait to receive a card from them. What if I add a new payout and specify the US or UK as a billing country, then I just bind my PayPal account. Will that work?

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Hello @Muslim4 ,

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As setting up payout methods correctly is really important, I would suggest reaching out to Airbnb support to see if they can offer any advice or solutions for you. 

You can get a hold of Airbnb Support team via the contact page.

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I already added it and it was confirmed. But I can ask support as well if you think it's a good idea.

I am facing the same problem. Did it work adding paypal throw different billing country?