Co-hosts in Gothenburg, Sweden?

Co-hosts in Gothenburg, Sweden?

Hello everyone!


I own a house close to central Gothenburg (Sweden) that I’m thinking of renting out through Airbnb. As I won’t be spending any time there myself during the rental period, I would need a co-host.


So my question is, are there any co-hosts in the Gothenburg area? If so, what is your rate, and what is included?


Thanks. 🙂

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Gothenburg, Sweden

I’d be happy to co-host depending on where and when!

Former Community Manager
Former Community Manager
Terneuzen, Netherlands

Hi @Peter3490 , welcome to Airbnb and the Community Center! 😃


Since this is a global CC it can be a challenge to find people specifically in the Gothenburg area. If you post your question in one of the local Host Clubs you might find more interested people! You can find the Host Clubs here:



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Jönköping, Sweden

No host club for all Sweden?!

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