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London, United Kingdom

Experienced Primary Host

Dear Hosts, 


I have been hosting houses for over a year now. Also, I have undergone intensive training from a property group in Peterborough, UK.


I am reaching out to you to know where and how I could contact primary hosts to offer my 'Co-hosting services'?


Look forward to hearing from you. 


Thank you so much!

Best wishes


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England, United Kingdom

@Ayushman0 I guess 3 reviews in 10 months listing a room in your mum's house counts as an experienced primary host to some. 

Community Manager
Community Manager
London, United Kingdom

Hi @Ayushman0I just wanted to drop in and share a link to the Local Host Clubs. You can join the nearest Local Host Club to connect with fellow hosts local to your area. You can share your experiences, exchange valuable knowledge and get advice. Additionally I also wanted to link this guide on how to find & become an experienced Co-host.

Hope this helps!





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