Former management company has lien, my payouts are being frozen

Former management company has lien, my payouts are being frozen

We fired our management company in September, because we could not get any bookings. They were literally tanking our listing. Come to find out they had legal issues, specifically a lien against them and could not receive payouts. We moved on, but now Airbnb is holding up our payments because of this lien against the former management company. We never received 1 penny from the old management company, we even discovered they owe us $$$$ 's and now airbnb is holding up payouts.


This is insane that we are being penalized for a problem that we are in no way affiliated with. Airbnb is literally holding our money for a legal situation that we have absolutely nothing to do with.  

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@Kevin3116 without knowing the intricate details of who had what contract with whom, who was the Airbnb listing managed by and is it managed by the same people now it is going to be impossible to help you. Airbnb doesn't allow listings to transfer between people so I suspect they consider that the current manager and the old manager are the same people. Hence any debt owed by one is now owed by the other.

Yeah, that must be whats happening because we fired the management company but kept the same listing with new payout information.