Host Business Profile vs Personal

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Host Business Profile vs Personal

Hello! Is it possible to have a host profile that is your business that is separate from your personal profile. I set it up my host listing and linked it to personal and now realize I would rather keep them separate. I would  like to show host as a rental company not me/personal profile.

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Hi @Colleen607


It's been a while since you posted and I'm wondering whether you managed to get a resolution to your question?  


I'm also going to tag some of our hosts in to see if they can support you with an answer: @Greystone0@Karen4131 & @Patricia3721 would you be able to support @Colleen607


Thanks so much in advance 😊




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Hi Colleen,


I think it is a reasonable idea to keep your personal profile separate from your business 'hosting' profile. And you don't necessarily need to be a business like a large property management company. Obviously you would have two distinct accounts with separate log ins, etc.  That way your AIRBNB travel  isn't visible to your guests, which seems a bit odd to me. Much success!!

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I don't believe you can have two profiles on Airbnb @Greystone0