I'm having a problem registering my property

I'm having a problem registering my property

Can someone help

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Swannanoa, NC

@Joan3167   Where are you from?  Where is your property?  Have you researched local laws?  Have you checked taxes and reporting?  Have you gone to zoning?


we can only help if you share some background 

I live in New York City and they just changed the law and I'm trying to figure out when I register how long it takes for me to get the registration number so I could do short-term rental

Someone please respond I register my listing and I'm still having issue with it I need somebody that I already register and everything is went well

Hello @Joan3167 


Can you tell us what issues did you encounter? 

Live in New York City trying to figure out how I go about getting my registration number to do short-term rental yes already apply but I have not heard anything for like 4 weeks now

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Bristol, United Kingdom

What issues are you looking for help with? 


Who hasn't responded back to help you ?  @Joan3167 

I live in New York City I would like to know when you register how long do you have to wait for the registration number to put on your Airbnb app