Listing on AirBnb

Listing on AirBnb

I am needing help with just getting things together on AirBnb far as my home and everything. I need help with getting check in and out instructions online as well just getting my site together or things together period for my home listing.

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Hi @Debra730 ! Welcome to the Community Center🌻. You've asked some fantastic questions to get started with your listing on Airbnb.


While we wait for our experienced Host members to chime in for support, I wanted to share links to Airbnb's Resource Centre and Help Centre , that might come handy in case you were looking to explore anything related to listing setup. 


I'm also reaching out to some of our helpful and knowledgeable Hosts in the Community, if they'd be interested in sharing their tips and ideas with us here : @Joelle43 @Karlis3 @Polly164 @Pat271 @Robin4 @Zheng49 . Looking forward to learn from them😍.



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Hi @Debra730,
No worries, at first it might feel overwhelming but the platform is  quite intuitively structured so once you get accustomed to it, you will have no problem at all making any necessary adjustments.

You can set up your check-in & check-out instructions under the Listings tab -> select your listing -> on the left side choose "Arrival Guide" - that represents all the information that the guest needs for arriving, finding your place, getting accustomed to your place etc.
In the "Arrival Guide" section you will see all info fields for check-in & check-out etc. Fill all the spaces out and make sure everything is explained.

If necessary, feel free to ask further once you get there.

Happy Hosting,

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Hi @Debra730 


Feel free to check out my listings and copy / borrow / steal any of the text there.


As I live alone and live in my Listing (during and between bookings), I have been super careful to set up everything in detail. I recommend:

- Review listings in your area to see what they are offering

- Pay particular attention to listings like yours (home or empty, shared or not etc)


Then set aside some quiet time (2-3 hours) and go through every step recommended by AirBnB

- Use the handy Arrival Guide (under Listing Editor) to set up the check-in instructions, your rules and your check-out instructions.

- Be upfront about what you do offer in amenities and what you do not. This forms a contract between you and the guest. 

- Be clear about any extra fees, or charges should rules be broken. 


I also make sure that I add to every listing under the Rules:

- The place must be left clean and tidy, and locked whenever guests leave the house.

- All communication, whether over messages or in-person, must be respectful and honest. 

- If there are any issues, please let me know as soon as possible. 


Finally, about 4-5 days before arrival I send an automatic reminder about what they have booked, what extras they may want to request (and the fees), the check-in details and house rules.


Some people wait until the day before the booking to send the address, but I tend to send it earlier so guests can plan. My house is not in a big city either (so it's less likely to be scammed). I also inform guests that they will receive the code to the house the day before they arrive and I send this once the flexible cancellation time has past (within 24 hours). 


I also recently switched from using a keysafe and keys to a security keypad locked door. I really wish I had done this earlier. As much as we like to trust guests, if sharing keys they can copy them. this poses a risk not only to myself but to other guests.


My keypad locked door has unique codes for each guest, and can also be deadlocked with my phone. 


Before check-in I also move all my valuable and personal items into locked storage, so there can be no accidental (or deliberate) damage. 


Then, if anything untoward happens at all, like an early arrival, extra guests, unlocked house, or signs of property damage, or disrespectful behaviour, I take photos and call Support immediately to log this. I have only had to do this once in about 50 bookings though. It's just good to plan ahead of time. 


I find that around the time of booking confirmation and also in the lead up to check-in, it can be a good opportunity to get to know a little about the guests and why they are visiting. This way, you can also gauge ahead of time if there has been a misunderstanding (about what you offer) or the guests may be planning to break the rules. 


I hope this helps. 

@Debra730 You have some great reviews already, so you're doing well. 

Feel free to ask your past guests about what you could improve as well. I found some of my direct feedback very helpful in setting up my Listings. I just asked a couple of the guests that I had already built up a rapport with, so it didn't seem strange to ask.