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Reston, VA couple turned AirBnB host

My husband and I are new to hosting, we met on and were each other’s  first and only dates and have been inseparable ever since (13 years later). We went to the same college, had the same friends and grew up 13 minutes exactly from each other, but never met until later in life. For our second date he took me to Taco Bell and I had never been to Taco Bell, but went along with him anyway as he ordered the entire left side of the menu - then proceeded to eat it all only offering me some after he realized I wasn’t eating anything- I’m half kidding. Months later we both realized that we went to the same Maui Thai  gym in college and he was dating my friend, but I never introduced myself.


Fast forward 10 years and now we travel for work constantly and are renting our home to help build awareness and bring people to a new town center located in Ashburn VA called OneLoudoun. The area  has some of the best school districts, parks, wineries, restaurants and not to mention shopping on Northern Virginia. We are roughly 35 minutes from wine country and 45 minutes from the heart of Washington, DC.


We would love any advice on how to manage bookings, recommendations on cleaning and managing this business on top of our already chaotic lives.


Thank you so much for the advice and help in advance!


Joe and Julz

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1. Have a look on the airbnb help website it has FAQs around most aspects on managing your STR business on Airbnb @Julianna61 


2. cleaning and linens either do it yourself or employ a cleaner


3. use the search function on this community the vast majority of your questions will have been asked and answered 



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@Julianna61 I'll give you one 'don't do'. Don't employ a huge management company that is just trying to make money at the expense of hosts and guests. Try and find a proven co-host instead who wants to expand their business.

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Hi @Julianna61 👋


Beautiful story - thank you so much for sharing with us. 😍


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