Non payment of earnings

Non payment of earnings

hi folks,


I am wondering if someone has experienced the same, I host in Australia and I have been on Airbnb hosting for nine years.

For the first time Airbnb is not making payments. There is three outstanding payments currently and after about two weeks of constant messaging, phone calls etc. I have still not been paid.


I’m really concerned as I am a solo income earner family I rely on my payments to be made in a timely manner.


I have a mortgage, outgoings on the Apartment, rates, insurance, electricity, etc, etc.
my mortgage is now overdue.

I am currently to date owed over $2200 in back payments. This has been going on since 10 December and still have not received any payments.


Is anyone else here in Australia experiencing Airbnb holding onto their payments and not making them? I have contacted my bank at Airbnb request  They have reached out to asked me to do things and then they never follow up with a phone call or email for me to upload my bank statements etc.


I’m really desperate for any help. I think I’m going to have to get a lawyer involved, has anybody had to bring a lawyer in to make claims for non-payment . this is definitely not a bank issue or bank account issue, as everything has been checked three times


my bank says there is nothing they can do & Airbnb must run a trace of which I’ve asked them many times but still nothing has been done.


Any advice would be greatly appreciated, I’m at the end of my tether !





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Hey there @Lee-Anne23,


I'm so sorry to read of your situation. When was the last time you spoke to the Airbnb Customer Support Team? 



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hi Rebecca,


please excuse my frustration here as this is not your fault obviously but to be very clear, this is what has occurred;


I have contacted them every other day for the past 2 weeks and most recently this morning and then a message from them a couple hours ago. 
as a business owner I offered a couple of solutions. I’m still no further ahead.


Nobody seems to of had the good sense to check the airbnb bank balance to see if those payments have been reversed.


I have suggested this as well as suggesting that they re-issue the payments on Good faith to myself until the problem is sorted and if necessary, they can always be taken out if I am overpaid with future bookings. I think it’s pretty clear though, that I’m not getting paid and these payments haven’t gone through for good reason. Either Airbnb are hanging onto my Money to use it somewhere else or there’s a serious issue with their payment platform as I’ve been using this method of payment and bank account for the last nine years. Nothing has changed. 


Money does not disappear into “thin air”  I am now questioning what they are doing with it


if I had a customer in this position with my business, I would be bending over backwards to help them and I would’ve refunded that money regardless until a solution had been found.


This was suggested sometime ago but nobody has done anything to reimburse the missing monies.


They are running around like headless, chooks and nobody is getting any further ahead and giving me the same baloney answers..


This is not the customers (hosts) fault airbnb has collected money on my behalf as a service from guests stating at MY Apartment of which I am offering. Airbnb has had the opportunity over nine years to draw income from my property and had the luxury of that without having to pay any upkeep, fees, mortgages, electricity, rates, land tax etc etc

so why NOW am I STILL paying the price? 4 weeks ago and still no payment. Now 3 in total.


I’m from a single income family with a mortgage and bills coming out of my ears now because of this. Especially after Christmas.


i’m now beyond upset.


if this isn’t rectified or somebody re-issue some money within the next 48 hours, I will be lodging a complaint with ACCC here in Australia and that’s just for starters, followed b social media and then a current affair program. I’m sure they will be very interested to hear this


absolutely disgraceful treatment of long term host (customer) within the Airbnb community.




payoneer is the problem apparently,

they have contacted them to resend and still nothing ..

I have now had to put through PayPal as payment as I’ve noted that some people have done this to rectify any future issues.


Even though I’ll be paying more fees I will be using this for the future payments. At least it’s more traceable then

what an inconvenience, good luck to anyone out there going through the same thing, takes forever. 1 month and still not paid.


apparently there are  more hosts involved & it’s a known issue.

good luck .

Hi Lee-Ann!


I am using Paypal for my payouts but just this year 4 reservations we’re not released. 

I contacted Airbnb support most of the time and they just answered me today that they are looking up my case.  
My calendar is almost full this month, but no payouts. This is so frustrating. 

Yes I feel you, took me nearly 5 weeks and was paid just last week. It took me forever of constant messages and hours tied up on the phone.. I really am

concerned now, with future payments as well, I really don’t understand what’s going on with Airbnb.

good luck I hope you get paid soon 

I am wondering if you have been paid? I am in New Zealand and overdue $5500. It is beyond stressful and more of a spotlight needs to be put on this as it seems they don't have any concern for unpaid hosts and the stress it causes.

hi Emily, yes I finally got paid last week, it took nearly 5 weeks of constant emails and badgering to Airbnb, it was so stressful, I’m really disappointed in what’s going on with this platform. It’s not like it used to be unfortunately..


I spent hours and hours on the Helpdesk and going around and around in circles, was extremely distressing and frustrating

I asked for some kind of compensation and they gave me a $50 credit

I said I would’ve been happier with an extra zero on the end


hope you get paid soon!

I have now flicked it over to PayPal so we’ll see if this is any better, I feel a bit distrustful now..

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I am sorry to know that we are in the same boat.  I too  have not received my payment  for bookings from December 2023 amounting to more than Php 300,000.00 or approximately more than US dollars 5,000.00. 


I am as desperate as you are because I have a sister undergoing cancer treatment and har business related expenses.

Hi Lee

You won't believe this, but I am in exactly the same situation as you.

Have you received your payment yet from Airbnb?


I am a host and have been on Airbnb for a long time around 7 years. 

This is the first time that the payout is not being paid to me.


They owe me two payouts and are already more than 2 weeks late.


Everytime I call them they say rest assured I will escalate this and we will surely resolve this case.


This same language has been going on for weeks. I have been calling everyday.


So now I am preparing my case for ACCC. 


If you haven't been paid please contact me on ** and we might have more power together.



Regards Victoria. 

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