Reaching out for network in Edinburgh


Reaching out for network in Edinburgh

Hi fellow hosts, I am reaching out to you in Edinburgh to get some advice on their network of cleaners. Alternatively, if you are interested to co-host with me. I have been hosting for 5 years now in Melbourne. We have a two BR flat in Edinburgh that we want to do Airbnb so we can get a flexible time when we are visiting Edinburgh, more likely twice a year.

I am going there in 2 weeks time to catch up with my husband and daughter who were ahead of me.

Any reply would be appreciated.

Thank you.


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Post in the Edinburgh host forum and ask for recommendations @Liana2120 


Also read up on the new STR requirements for Scotland to make sure you can meet the requirements. 

Thank you heaps Helen. Where can I find info on this new STR requirement? 

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Thank you for this valuable info.

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As things currently stand if your Edinburgh flat is in a block of flats, and has a shared front door and / or any communal outside space, I'm afraid that you have virtually no chance just now to obtain planning permission and then a licence to operate a new STR in Edinburgh. It is just not worth spending the time and money to even attempt it at the present time. Existing STR operators are currently operating under a grace period extension and almost all of them will also have to stop in 6 months time for this same reason.


As this will effectively pretty well then close down most of the existing short term rental accommodation in the city, future visitors to Edinburgh after September will then need to rely on the limited capacity in already overpriced hotels for their accommodation needs, and the commensurate further escalated prices that they will naturally then charge their guests as the accommodation supply and competition in the city are slashed.


Unsurprisingly large numbers of potential visitors will simply then prefer to make their travel plans to other destinations with better accommodation choice, availability and prices, rather than spend their money and bring benefit to the Edinburgh tourism and hospitality sector and to the wider Scottish economy.


Hopefully Edinburgh Council and the Scottish Government will come to their senses when they eventually see the major damage that this will cause to their tourism and hospitality industry in Edinburgh, and the inevitable destruction of the hugely important annual Edinburgh International Festival and Fringe. Perhaps then an opportunity may arise for you in the future.


Sorry not to be able to give you better news for your rental plans at this time.

My place is one of four flats, on the ground floor, no sharing front door, no sharing communal space, each flat is independent, only sharing the walls with one other ground floor. 

I agree re tourism.  In Australia we are not required to have a STR licence. At the moment the country has private rental crisis, not because of Airbnb. It was due to landlord selling their rental place because they can't keep up with the ever increasing interest rate hike.

I will give the STR a go. Another option is I think there is a crowd that do a minimum of 6 weeks where guests are limited to those on secondments, working, students, but not tourists.

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Hi @Martin3344 


Sorry I think your analysis doesn't really correlate with the STR policy being developed for STR accommodation in Edinburgh -  nowhere does Edinburgh Council say they are intending to close down all STR accommodation in the city as you imply.


Their stated policy is they will consider; 


a. Secondary Letting b. Home Letting c. Home Sharing or d. Home Letting and Home Sharing


What they are doing quite rightly is to restrict the number of self catering businesses in the city because of the impact the STR market has on private rented long term accommodation in the city and the wider community impact such as anti-social behaviour, noise etc.


Interestingly when they introduced much more stringent STR restrictions in London, the number of whole listings in London actually increased.


@Liana2120  please read through the regulations yourself and get a better idea around how they might impact you.

Thank you. I am actually going there in less than 2 weeks. It has been rented out via real estate agent for 5 years. The last tenant was horrible, mould, smoking, and we had to repaint the whole thing. My husband is Scottish (and still never convert to Aussie). We will be going often to Scotland (daughter study in London) so Airbnb is appropriate and give us the flexibility to use it for ourselves.

So I will be looking at the STR licence.

Hi Liana ,


 I am currently looking at STR for my bungalow in Edinburgh as well . I would be interested to co host your property . You could reach out to me ** and we could meet for a coffee when you are here ( I am assuming you are here already ) . 

**[E-mail address removed due to safety reasons - Community Center Guidelines]

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