Resolution Center Payouts

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Resolution Center Payouts

I have reached out to AirB&B multiple times regarding this and I am sure I am not the only one that has this issue. I manage eight different properties for 5 different owners. Of course, each has their own bank acct associated with their listing where their payouts go. My problem is; when I have a resolution for a particular property, say I request $100 pet fee from Property A, that payout has to go into a "default account" not the account/listing associated with the resolution. Why? I can't set one owners account to be the default account because then all of the resolutions would go into or out of that one account. So, I had to set up my own account as the default and now I have to separate and keep track of what amount for what listings I have to pay out or pay myself back. WHY IS IT SET UP THIS WAY? If I request a $100 pet fee on Property A, why doesn't that $100 go directly in that properties account?


MAJOR headache! I even got a survey about this several months ago and thought they were changing it, but it hasn't changed. Anybody else have this issue and have a better way to handle?

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If there are 5 different owners with their own listing and payout bank (which you have access to?) covering 8 different properties, how does a resolution in one (executed by you) even becomes aware of the existence of another independent listing which you just happen to also be running and are the only common thread?

It has nothing to do with the owner being aware. It's all how they (AirB&B), have it set up in their system. You must assign a default account and ALL resolutions go through that one account regardless if it is the correct account for the resolution it's associated with. Make sense? They are aware of it but haven't made any changes.

@Jane1083  Yes, this annoys me, too. Any extra taxes you are collecting go to the “default” account as well. There seems to be a whole different method and process for handling fees and taxes. 


Glad its not just me! I figured they had complaints since I received a survey regarding the topic. Did you receive that a few months ago? No changes 😞

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This has been a horrible issue with Airbnb for many owners. I have the same issue and cannot understand why Airbnb will not fix this. 

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We have three properties with separate banking accounts for each property as well.  We collect our own taxes and also use the resolution center for pet fees and other extra services....we have the same issue.  I am logged on now to check and see if there is an update and resolution to this, but it does not appear that anything has been fixed?


Very frustrating!!


In the interim, I wonder if we could set up an independent checking account as the 'default' that is not associated directly with any of the properties?

As far as I know, no corrections to this huge gray area as of now. I had to use my own bank account as the default since it is not associated with any properties but then I have to monitor what goes in and out (resolutions) and move to correct owner. VERY ANNOYING!!! 


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Yep. It's a problem for me too. Since I manage 3 listings for 3 different owners and then I have my own arbitrage and another 2 properties with a partner, this can be very annoying. I use separate bank accounts so that I can seamlessly track my bookkeeping, and this just really messes up my books. And it's easy to forget about it too and then a homeowner has to ask me about it (that's if they even have access to the payout information).

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I have experienced this myself but I am lucky that the two bank accounts attached to my listings are mine and my mother's. So when I issue a resolution refund from my listing and the money goes into my mother's account, it is very annoying but money can be moved around.


I cannot imagine being a property manager and having to deal with that among multiple listings and clients. I am also shocked that more hosts who manage multiple listings are not talking about this. How do they get around it?! 

I would love to know! If anyone has any ideas, I'm certainly open because I have been dealing with this for 5 years and it doesn't appear that AirB&B is going to fix it. 😞

Glad I found this thread. Just realized we are experiencing the same exact issue. Hopefully Airbnb can rectify this soon because it is such an inconvenience to track and move money so frequently. Please share if Airbnb resolves this!!

You aren't kidding. See what the other lady has said and maybe that is why but I just can't understand with an organization as big as they are, they can't find a solution.

Hi @Jane1083 


Are you a Co-Host on these properties with full access or a team member?  Airbnb appears to be phasing out teams? 


Co-Host permissions Help Article seems contradictory regarding resolution center requests and Host damage protections? Perhaps unless the Host processes the resolution center request under their profile, Airbnb is requiring the Co-Host that processes one have payouts go to a default account? Not sure. Very confusing:


"Choose the Co-Host permissions that work for the people who help you host:

  • Full access: Your Co-Host can message with guests and update your calendar. They can manage your listing, including pricing and other details, and they can manage reservations, including accepting and declining trip requests, cancellations, and Resolution Center requests. They can add or remove Co-Hosts, change any Co-Host’s permissions, and designate themselves—or another Co-Host—as the listing’s primary Host."

"Please note that no Co-Host can view or change a listing owner’s or other Co-Host’s payout method or taxpayer info. Only listing owners can set up or edit a Co-Host’s payouts. Co-Hosts cannot submit requests for reimbursement under Host damage protection."


What Co-Hosts Can Do


Hi Joan:


No, I am the host. I have a co-host on two of my eight listings and those are the owners who want to see the conversations, etc. It's strictly an issue with their system and they are aware of it. They even sent out a survey about it a few years ago but never changed it. 

It should be that any resolution pay-outs or taking money in should go through the listing it is associated with- which also is tied directly to a bank account but it doesn't work like that for resolutions. They use a default account for those therefore you have to assign ONE default account. I can't do that because I have six owners/accounts.