Traveler asking for additional discount

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Northfield, IL

Traveler asking for additional discount

My listing currently has a discount in place because it’s new. I don’t charge a cleaning fee and a traveler is asking if I can agree on an additional discount. 
i want good reviews to boost my listing but I think the pricing is extremely fair as it is. 
what do you recommend I do? 

thank you 

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Harleysville, PA

@Anna14413 I often offer a small discount if there is a good reason. Take it case by case.  Factors to consider might be whether you are getting sufficient bookings.  I definitely used lower pricing while getting my listing up and running.  I cautiously raised the rate after earning Super Host status. 


Good luck! 

Hi @Anna14413 - I have our Airbnb set up to automatically give a little discount when the stay for a week.  If someone asks me for a discount and they are only staying for a couple of nights I usually tell them that my price is firm.  When we first opened our up  ours we listed it for a little less.  Then after we got some good reviews we raised our price.  I think if you feel your price is good- you should just stick to it.  

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@Anna14413So much depends on the situation.  When we first started we gave a discount to get people interested. We always charged a cleaning fee, not sure why you don’t. We are now Superhosts and give discounts for various reasons; length of stay, return guests, etc.