US tax info failed IRS validation

US tax info failed IRS validation

Anyone seeing this again in 2023?  It happened in 2022, eventually I gave in an reentered the same information (which was correct) and it seemed to be resolved.  Same issue in 2023, saying failed validation, I deleted my tax info and reentered the same information (which was already correct) and got another rejection.  Gone round and round with airbnb to provide more context- like does the IRS give specifics?  How many times do they send it? Is it 1 and done, or do they retry a few times in case IRS is having issues on their side.  Very frustrating.  Anyone know the secret sauce to make this issue go away, instead of returning every year to the same frustration?

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Hi @Brian427 

Hmmmm.....not sure on this one. I would look at your most recent tax return and be sure the name you give Airbnb EXACTLY matches what the IRS says your name is. For example:


You tell Airbnb your name is: John M. Doe

The IRS knows you as: John Mason Doe


That's the only thing I can thing of? 🤔 Maybe another host has an idea and can comment?

Thanks @Joan2709 I'm 100% sure the information is correct.  When I went through this in 2022, I reentered all the information and it went through successfully.  So the information was definitely right in 2022, and hasn't changed.



That is so strange???  I never had an issue with this. The only thing I can think is Airbnb is having an issue with how they communicate/validate the information with the IRS. Similiar to when for some odd reason the Airbnb calendar URL link suddenly stops syncing with Vrbo?


The only think I can think is to contact CS (in writing) and give them a screen shot of the error message?

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I'm having the same issue.  I called Airbnb and they said to contact my state tax branch which i did.  They said everything looked okay.  Then i tried to call the US IRS and got only an answering service.  I don't know what to do to fix the issue, I've entered my information multiple times without resolution. Very frustrated as well. 

Hi @Lydia113 & @Brian427 

Seems like this is becoming an issue for multiple hosts. It may be that Airbnb transmits a large tax information file periodically to the IRS for validation and there is an issue with that process? This has the potential to cause major headaches for many Hosts.


Perhaps one of the moderators can bring this to the attention of the correct Airbnb Team? @Paula , @Bhumika , @Breanna ?

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Hello @Brian427 and @Lydia113, this situation certainly seems unusual. I've forwarded your cases to the appropriate team for their review. They will get in touch with you directly, as we are not part of the support team.


Thank you, @Joan2709, for your kind help and for keeping us in the loop.



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Here is the response I got from Airbnb after reading the issue:


If you are uncomfortable submitting your taxpayer information through your account, the alternative is to fill it out by hand and email, fax, or mail it to us.


It is frustrating that everyone at Airbnb that "reads"  doesn't seem to understand the issue.  so frustrating

Third year in a row for me. I'm not doing it anymore. All the information I submit is pulled directly from correspondence with the IRS.

Hi @Margaret1191 


Can you post a screen shot here of the error message...looks like other Hosts have the same problem. 


@Paula can then forward your screen shots to the appropriate team at Airbnb to resolve the glitch.