Why is it so hard to find my listing now

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Woodstock, NY

Why is it so hard to find my listing now

I have always had excellent reviews and been extremely busy host, but suddenly when the new software came out its as if I disappeared from the platform.  I have had guests who have booked express their difficulty in finding my listing when they accidentally clicked out of it, some of my returning gifts can't even find me.  I have been hosting for 11 years and build my business starting with a simple  home which I sold and grew my company to a 12 acres resort with luxury amenities in Woodstock , Ny.  I have been booked back to bak since moving to this location and suddenly its a virtual black out, I have adjusted my pictures my copy and my prices and still nothing is coming of my listing, can you perhaps explain why suddenly my listings are so hard to find and book?

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Bergamo, Italy

Ciao @Lisa1227  I'm having the same problems as you, in my opinion Airbnb is still fine-tuning the search algorithm with the new Winter Release, but it's just a guess...




its insane, I have never been this slow, and impossible to find, after 11 years of working with this company building my portfolio its nuts