hosting in Manhattan NY a good idea ???

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New York, NY

hosting in Manhattan NY a good idea ???

Hello All, 


I’d like to ask fellow Airbnb hosts in the NYC Manhattan area , how’s business doing ? Is your listing betting booked up ? 
I’m thinking of hosting 

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@Be16 Have you checked the basics such as

1) it it legal to host in Manhattan

2) Do you need a licence?

3) Do you need landlord financing company approval?

4) How much will insurance cost/can you get the relevant insurance?


Only after answering these questions should you worry about actually getting bookings!

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Have you checked whether you. An meet the STR regulations for hosting in your area @Be16 

@Be16 , make sure you comply with your local jurisdiction short term rental laws. New York City has one of the restrictive short term rental guidelines that went to effect recently (Local law 18).



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Hi @Be16 , Welcome to the Community Center 🌻. Have you already listed your listings on Airbnb or still considering becoming an Airbnb Host? 


As experienced Community Hosts Ana,Helen and Mike mentioned in their follow-up questions, its a great idea to check beforehand what STR regulations apply in your region. Did you get a chance to read their questions to check further information about regulations?


I'm also sharing an article from Airbnb's Help Centre in case it helps with a general idea of STR regulations in NYC : New short-term rental regulations , NY .


Do keep us posted how you're thinking of proceeding with this one! 



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