iCAL Calendar Import Issue from Booking.com

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Shkodër, Albania

iCAL Calendar Import Issue from Booking.com

Booking.com has recently started providing an iCAL calendar export link. However when attempting to import the iCAL Calendar into Airbnb calendar it gives an error:

"The calendar address isn’t in ICAL format. Check the URL and try importing again."


But if I import the calendar to Google Calendar it goes fine. Also it goes fine when I import to Homeaway.com.

Anybody having this issue? Could this be because Airbnb does not recognize booking.com iCAL yet?


Booking iCAL URL has following format:


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Same problem here.I don 't even have the option to paste Booking.com calendar to Airbnb. I spoke with Booking.com and they say the problem is Airbnb and not they. Any solution?

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Putrajaya, Malaysia

Same problem here, I dont hv paste option when I tried to copy from any other site to AirBnB, but I managed to paste ical from Homeaway to import to AirBnB by typing the whole link manually twhich is quite long and frustating. I tried to do the same thing from Booking to AirBnB also but did not succeed due to too long URL link and I could not see the whole URL link,

now my Air Bnb only be able to import from Homeaway but not able from Booking 

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Miami, FL

am i beeing penalised for blocking dates on airbnb calendar by syncing with booking.com calendar? it seems like my visibility dropped significantly on airbnb. Any advise?

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Artemida, Greece

hello how are you?!
no penalty excists..
also about the visibility dpends on the dates of searching...
i thin that you cant do nothing with that.
its better to ask at the bnb site for that..
hope that i helped.

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Pula, Croatia

I have the same problem, cannot import booking.com calendar into airbnb, I get the message "We're having trouble syncing this calendar. Try importing it again."

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Athens, Greece

Hello my friend!hope you are.doing well.

About the calendar...

Booking dont give you access.

All the hosts,have to pay another 15%,or 135eur per month to let you have access to your personal web page,and by that option you could synchronized the calendars.

Only if.you pay 135/month or +15% extra of your incomings,they give you personal page and only there you could find the calendar URL.

Hope that these info was great for you.



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Artemida, Greece

Sorry for the disturbing!Could anyone help me pleaze?
How could i find my iCal at booking.com?Thanks a lot!

PS when i am at the calendar page of my rproperty there is nowhere the Sync option.
Thanks again

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Florence, Italy

Hi Mairi,

into the Calendar section in your Extranet in Booking you'll find at the bottom the sync option.


here's instruction:




Hope this help,


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Artemida, Greece

ey thank you so much!!!
I havd seen all these,but in my Extranet there is nowhere the ption of Sync My Calendars,thats i asked!

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London, United Kingdom

I cannot get to the option on booking. I go into availability and it does not give me the option to select room type.  Therefeore I cannot access the calendar export or import link . My listing is in Italy but I am using an English version of the web site. 


Definatly a problem at booking.com end. I cannot sync booking calendar with any other site (Tripavisor/owners direct/airbnb) I suggest to keep aasking booking to sort this out! wonder if they will cover double bookings! 

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Jersey City, NJ

It appears that, the calendar import problem no longer exists. I was able to import the booking.com calendar just now without any issues. Hope this is the end of the issue for everyone!

Thanks everyone who have kept the thread going with the latest.


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Shkodër, Albania

I had the same issue in the last few days but this morning it has been solved and booking is syncing to airbnb.

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Brașov, Romania

Good news this morning, it works with me as well!

Booking calendar import is succesfull, sync is working.


Was it a booking.com issue OR an airbnb.com issue?

Yippee!!! It's fixed here in Australia. Calendars are now synced with bookings.com

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Porto, Portugal

 It's fixed here in Portugal also! 🙂

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Le Havre, France

Are you able to cross syn between Booking and Airbnb? I'm able to syn Airbnb to Booking but not vice versa. 


Is there anyway to fix the problem?

same here... I just sent them a message and hope for a quick solution... I have constant problems with booking.com  lately

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Turin, Italy

Same for me.

following the instructions in this thread I imported the booking.com iCal into a Google Calendar and then imported in airbnb the iCal of that Google Calendar and this iCal is then imported in airbnb without error.

But still I am not sure if the sync is working: in airbnb calendar I indeed see the bookings (coming from booking.com), but all these bookings were created before the issue appeared yesterday, but I don't know if the booking.com iCal feed actually exposes the new bookings that I will receive in the future, because I didn't recorded yet any new bookings on booking.com.
What is making me worry is that if now I block a date on booking.com calendar the bookings.com iCal feed doesn't include the blocked date.


I also tested the  booking.com iCal feed with an iCal validator and indeed it says that the format is not valid because it is missing the DTSTAMP property.

Indeed if I compare (text diff) the booking.com iCal feed and the google calendar iCal feed the google one hase the DTSTAMP property whereas the booking.com not.


Still is not clear to me if the problem is on booking.com side because they don't expose a valid iCal format or if airbnb changed is importer accepting only iCal with a  valid syntax.


Hope someone will fix this soon


Thank you all for sharing the info

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Paphos, Cyprus

I find temporary decision. 

You need to change in ics file from booking.com the header. I take "top" from AirBnb ics file:

PRODID;X-RICAL-TZSOURCE=TZINFO:-//Airbnb Inc//Hosting Calendar 0.8.8//EN


Simply to change in ics file and save somewhere where you can take the URL new file. 

It is not too convenient but no need to fill a lot of reserves by hand.

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