terms co host

terms co host


This will be our first listing and I just wanted some clarification as far as what a co-host does. How much do I pay a co host? Is a co-host for hosts that are live far from the listings? Do they act as a management company?

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@Monica2758 A co-host can be anything you agree with them to be. Some fully manage the listing. Some manage the listing locally and the host manages the listing details remotely. Some look after the computer side of it and the host manages the welcoming guests aspect. Some clean/launder  as well as manage the listing. As such fees are highly variable.

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As @Mike-And-Jane0  says @Monica2758  its about you identifying what support you are looking for.


look for local superhost who have extensive experience as a host and take up references 


only work with cohosts who are happy for you to set the listing up under your profile and for them to be added as a cohost,


ask on your local host group for recommendations,


if you ask here you will mainly attract newbies who want to learn the ropes using your properties or those wanting to offer remote cohosting .

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Hello I have a co host but he is my Property Manager also. I would be very careful to whip you allow access to your account. It has to be someone you trust.  I don’t live where my rental property is located. I pay him a set flat rate per month and I also give him 10% to be able to manage it while I’m gone. He also is the 24 hour emergency person to contact just in case of a problem, he keeps up the maintenance and hires the cleaners. He also is there for me just in case they get lost and can’t find their way, just in case parties are going on. He is my right hand man

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Hi @Monica2758 👋


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