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Accepted Reservation rating

Hi All,


I have a new listing (about a month old).  I have had 9 inquires, 4 bookings, 1 declined.  My reservation acceptance rate for this listing is now 71%.  The Airbnb help desk rep states inquiries do not impact this rating unless you decline??? I expressed my concern at this impacts Superhost status.  She states it will not and I've met all the requirements. 


The inquires or request to book have been from potential guests who do not meet my listing requirements (no Govt ID, incomplete profile, requesting the same day/within an hour bookings etc.). Have you had any similar experiences? How did you handle it?

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I have a similar problem:


I have a new listing as of Jan 1, 2020.  At first I had no filters for who could book and my first guest had no profile pic, no GOV ID uploaded and no reviews or recommendations.  That guest had a party and it was a huge issue, I obviously do not want that to happen again so I changed my filters so that guests profiles must have a profile picture, uploaded GOV ID and have positive reviews and recommendations.  My listing is also set to Instant Book.


I keep getting lots of requests from profiles who do not meet my standards and I am having to decline them which has now affected my Acceptance Reservations % to be at 71% which is not good.  I want to become a super host so how do I deal with this issue? Why are profiles that dont meet my criteria able to request to book?



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I respond to inquiries but do not accept or decline.   I do not have a large number of inquiries because I have Instant Book with positive review requirement, so there is no impact of my handling it this way.


Just a point of info, @Jesse-and-Lakysha0 , you would not be able to book my listing due to your profile picture being a sign not a portrait picture.  

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