Changes to Quebec short-term rental law

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Changes to Quebec short-term rental law



I'm hoping to get a little clarity on the changes the Province of Quebec announced in the spring regarding the requirement for Airbnb hosts to register their properties starting this fall.


  1. Did this officially come into law? I haven't seen anything in the news about it;
  2. Where does one register. Is it with the CITQ?
  3. The CITQ website, where presumably I have to submit my application, says that I need to hold at least $2M in civil liability insurance. Currently I rely on Airbnb's Host Protection insurance (up to $1M) and I have not informed my insurance company that I rent my cottage out from time to time because I have heard of insurance companies dropping clients at the mere mention of Airbnb. Does anyone have any words of wisdom about this?
  4. At the time of the announcement the Province said the registration would come with a "reasonable" fee of between $50 - $75, but the CITQ website shows an annual fee of $385!!

In short, if anyone can offer up an insights into the law, the requirements, and the process, I would be very grateful.


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hello @Mark1303,


I am wondering if you ever figured out the registration process for a property in Quebec? I have reviewed the CITQ website but can't find any information on what needs to be submitted and to who it gets submitted to!


I'm in a similar situation as you, live in Ottawa and have a cottage in Quebec. 


Any help would be appreciated.




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hello @Mark1303  & welcome to ABB CC

If you use related keywords in the searchbox here in CC you will be able to find some information relating to this.

If you also look under "news" online using the word Airbnb you will find great information on those isses worldwide and in your area.


Remember to there are 'grey areas" of law and all decisions do have an appeal process.


All the best

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