Evicting an overstaying guest

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Evicting an overstaying guest

I’m in a bit of a hosting nightmare with my listing in Manila. I’ve never had to evict a guest and so I thought I’d ask the community for any suggestions on this matter.


A guest of mine booked a stay for 17 days, and as of day 5 yesterday, he cancelled the booking. He sends me a message soon after saying that the cancellation was done in error, and so I asked him to call Airbnb to reverse it. He never called them, and apparently because of an argument with his partner, booked the soonest trip back to his home country, fled hastily, without reversing the cancellation, and his partner is still in my unit. I may have to evict her today, as I am not hearing back from him, and the partner is acting clueless about the Airbnb cancellation. Any suggestions on how to do this? Should I get police back up in case the guest resists?



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@Mark116 @Lloyd26 


Since you are both in the USA, I wonder if police would have got involved over there?


In the UK no way,

Police don't get involved in civil issues, least of all rentals.

Only if there was criminal action involved.


In Phillipines, don't have a clue. 

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Thanks for all your responses. I called Airbnb’s contact support and they were very helpful in eaching the guest and talking him through the process of rebooking the dates for the duration of their intended stay. Glad we didn’t have to resort to something more drastic.

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I see two options.


You can contact  the partner directly if you have any contact info. for her to see if she can rebook on her own account, basically do a new reservation, to cover whatever the days would be.  If not, then have airbnb contact the partner if this is possible, or contact the guest to get the partner out of the unit.


I assume you have someone who is in country who manages/cleans/etc. so your last option would be to send someone over there and talk to the partner, to either get to book it herself or to leave.  You probably won't have to resort to the police, usually threatening to contact them will be enough to get someone to leave.  What a terrible situation.  Keep us posted.

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Have you tried contacting Airbnb CS? 


I think that they may be able to give you advice on what to do.

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