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So I had my very first guests the first weekend of the football season. They left a mess 3 boxes of take out pizza left on dinning room table and around the house. Glasses filled with alcohol left all over the house.  uneaten take out food left in fridge.No dishes washed  , socks left on the floor. There was no damage done but looking at the 3 bags full of beer cans they had a good time. They had used all my spare towels and they were all marked with face paint . They also took a throw that I had over my futon.

They left a phone charger behind and have not contacted me for it, so I guess they know it was left in a mess. I am hoping this is a one off experience especially because its my first guests. I do have house rules in place about clearing dishes etc. 

I was wondering what sort of review I should give them, they have not reviewed me as a host as yet.  They had no reviews as a guest maybe that should have been a warning to me !! Am I expecting too much for the house to be left in a reasonable condidtion ? Would love to hear comments thanks

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Re: First guest left a mess how to review

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Hi @Michele936 

I'm so sorry that your first hosting experience turned out to be less than ideal.

I would most definitely be letting  future hosts know re this, most specifically in REALLY marking them down on stars in cleanliness and house rules.  Try to make some positive statements in your review, but state that the house required extensive cleaning after their departure - food remnants were in most rooms and a number of towels were ruined. Keep it factual and professional.  You may also want to privately message these guests explain to them how disappointed you were and you feel that they do not grasp the airbnb spirit.   I"d leave writing your review until the last possible moment before reviews close -in the hope that the guests won't anticipate a bad review and leave a similar negative review for you. If they've reviewed already, you may as well review anytime.


I've had a quick look at your listing and I have a few suggestions - these are just MY suggestions - other hosts may feel differently adn offer different ideas and opinions.


First up the house rules you mention are not actually stated on your listing. I would do this. I think it would have had no impact at all on these particular guests, but when it's clearly stated in your listing you are on much firmer ground if you ever need to involve CS or make a claim etc.  Also future guests can read what your expectations are ( which sound very reasonable to me BTW) and book elsewhere if they are not happy.


I personally am not a fan of letting guests know that they can self check in. In my personal experience it attracts the wrong sort of guest. I truly think that many less desirable guests actively look for self check in - gives them more opportunities to be sneaky.  I also have self check in and when I had that box activated ( so it was promoted on my listing under the heading) my first 5 - 6 guest groups were all BLAH.  ( i met them any way and it was clear they didn't WANT to deal with the host). so I've deactivated self check in on my listing and instead selected " i greet in person" and then in my description state that generally i will be there in person but if I can't be there is a keypad for easy self check in. 

However my listing does not rely on business travellers - if your's does then this might not be such a good option.


I also charge a substantial security deposit. This is of no real use in reality ( it's hard to claim against) but in my experience it makes guests think twice - other hosts report they do not find it useful, but I think it certainly can't hurt to add it


I have my house rules printed out in a large font with double line spacing so there are REALLY easy to read. I have them prominently displayed next to a welcome basket that i leave out.  


Also I notice you charge the same amount for 3 guests as you do for 1.  I wonder if it would be useful for you to charge a base rate for the one room to be used, and then add on extra for extra guests - just a thought - different hosts think differently


I only leave out a set amount of linens depending on how may guests are coming and how long they are staying. The rest very definitely get locked away


I can't remember if you have instant book turned on, I think you do - if you it's possible to check a box that states you won't accept IB from guests with no reviews - they have to do a reservation request - which enables you to talk to them a bit first.


Hope you find all this helpful.

I hated hosting at first i just didnt like my guests very much, but since i've implemented the strategies above, the calibre of guest has improved markedly and I'm much happier with the people staying in my home.

Good luck!


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