GST in India

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Upon crossing the GST registration threshold, hosts are supposed to add their GST number to the Airbnb portal as per this doc -




However, in the "Pricing and availability" there is a taxes section where we are also asked to select between a "default" and a "custom" mode.






In order for Airbnb to transfer the tax collected to us and not directly remit it to the government do we have to make changes at both places? If so, what do we have to enter in the 2 tax ID fields in the "custom" option. There is little to no documentation on this and customer support is also a bit lost on this India specific concern.


Lastly, are we as hosts also supposed to raise GST invoices to any parties? What GST related information is relayed to us from Airbnb and what all will we need for record keeping and GSt filling?


Any help/guidance would be highly appreciated!

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Re: GST in India

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how to get tax certificate


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