Guest profile hidden? Wth????

Quinte West, Canada
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I thought it was a matter of time before airbnb would enforce a CLEAR PROFILE picture for guests... I was sick and tired of having to ask all the time, like most hosts that care and will take every l precautions to protect their home and family, while still offering hospitality of their own home to STRANGERS. 


Boy was I was wrong. Seriously airbnb wth is this? What's next? We won't be allowed to ask for govt ID? 


If you truly do not care that much about your hosts, I wonder what would happen if something awful would be to happen and I would require assistance.  Do you even properly check for ID authenticity? Do you accept just anything just to make a $? I guess it doesn't matter when it doesn't involve your own home uh?


This will create a lot of issues and now I simply can't wait for the lyft to uber so I can switch off. This is unacceptable. I thought we would get more tools to enable us.


I think I will simply never accept someone that doesn't have at least 2 positive reviews. Problem solved. And I strongly encourage anyone to do so.


Let's see how that goes. 

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Re: Guest profile hidden? Wth????

Montreal, Canada
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I though I was the only one thinking like that. Agree with you and I won't rent as well.




Re: Guest profile hidden? Wth????

Cocoa, FL
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So, how this tuned out? Is it working as expected? 

I"m asking this becasue I'm having same problems, I'm mostly having people with "no reviews" and the ones that have been with Air for about 2 years, that's weird. I am starting to think these kind of people may have had bad reviews and Airbnb just hide them for whatever reason. 

I had two girls (no reviews) staying in my guest house last week, they were both maybe 19? and I am not able to see the profile photo untill I acept the reservation. So, I did anyway. Oh boy, the problems I had to deal with. I had to call the caps at 2am!

So yeah...

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