Guidebook Category Help: Where do escape rooms fall?

Baltimore, MD
Level 4

There are 3 different rooms all within walking distance of my listing. I want to list them in my Guidebook, and the best place seems like it would be "Entertainment and Activities."


But then what category should it be? The best fits seem to be either "Arcades and Games" or "Sports and Recreation." Yet, neither of those seem quite right, and I'd rather not put them in "Everything Else."


For those who may not know, an escape room is a puzzle solving activity where you and a group are placed in a room with your goal to get out of the room. In order to escape, you have to find various clues to solve puzzles to reveal the next step. For instance, a poem may point to a certain book, which can then be used to open a lock. (

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Re: Guidebook Category Help: Where do escape rooms fall?

Level 2

Playing in escape room is really great activity for every event or celebration. I competed Dr Who - worlds collide which wasn't as difficult as an escape room attended previously but seemingly quite easy In the escape quest in  Berlin">Room
They staff provide  great customer service, enthusiasm and support whilst in the room. Lots of puzzles and brain work needed. I have done many escape rooms and this one is definitely one of our favorite ones!

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