My host unit has a shelf life due to events in the neighborhood, MLB games.  How do I get an invitation for a Super Strict cancellation policy?  Thanks!

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Re: How Do I Get Invitation To Super Strict Cancellation Policy- It's Invite Only Now

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Hi @Diane15 

As with all things Airbnb, there are occasional exceptions to the rule (usually depending on the CX agent one gets on the phone, and their knowledge of Airbnb policies, or lack thereof)


Also, your previous comments on this thread, from early 2016, stated that you had already been repeatedly contacting Airbnb for almost a year at that point, trying in vain to get them to apply Super-Strict to your account, and that you finally got it in 2018. Not too many hosts would have the tenacity to keep chasing Airbnb for 3 years over a cancellation policy, so fair play to you for that! 


As @Dave-and-Deb0 correctly states below, the Super Strict 30 and 60 day canx policies are no longer available to new hosts signing up. And from the information I'm hearing, the "early payment" feature may not have actually just been temporarily "paused" because of the COVID crisis, but permanently disbanded (presumably due - in part, at least - to the recent viral news articles on  proliferation of scamming hosts on the platform, and of course, Airbnb's current unfortunate cash-flow issues) 


That's the problem with these ancient threads being constantly resurrected - all they do is worsen the spread of misinformation on the CC, because so many of the details in them are inaccurate or misleading, pertain to just one person's experience as opposed to the bigger picture, and the info they contain is invariably completely outdated. 

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