How do I set nightly rates more than a year in advance?

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How do I set nightly rates more than a year in advance?

I am fairly new to hosting and have set my listing so that you cannot book more than 12 months in advance. (Is this the usual setting). I want to have different rates per the time of year but cannot see a way of setting them in advance so that as dates open up the correct pricing is there. Is there a way of doing this without having to go in every day and update pricing or should I just open up to all future dates? Thanks in advance.

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We sent feedback asking them to please enable even future non-bookable dates (that have no reservation already) to allow and accept rate editing!


Even when the advance booking window is limited (such as no more than 12 months advance reservations) calendar rates should still be editable by owner/manager so we can have rates for the new year set to go when they do become bookable over time, not have to change our policy temporarily to "all future dates" just so we can enter rates for each day and then switch it back. Would be quite impractical to wait until last second and hope guest doesn't beat us to it (we are not using Smart Pricing).


We had to change our policy temporarily, add/edit all rates for 2021 and now even when we switch back to 12 month advance window the rates we updated are still showing available well beyond that time for all of 2021.  It's no longer honoring or recognizing our general 12-month setting since we added the rates.


What on Earth is the reason not to allow a host to enter rates before they are bookable?

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You can edit your booking window under Availability, @David6401 .  Change from 12 months to all future dates.  That should open your calendar where you can change the price directly on the dates

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